Bella & Lily

These tightly bonded girls are estimated to be about 1 year old. Although they have been passed through several homes, miraculously, they have remained extremely friendly, social and loving. Bell and Lily are two perfect little girls who are still young enough to actively seek their human out at every opportunity, but just mature enough that they are very calm and so very easy to pick up and handle.

Both girls seem to recognize their name and will come running to you when called. They love humans, don’t mind being picked up at all and are always ready to come say “hi”.

They are discovering just how yummy fresh foods like fruits and vegetables can be, and are very quickly figuring out how to use their literbox. So far, they have nor chewed any of their hammocks or fabric liners. Don’t they just sound perfect?

If you’d like to apply to adopt these girls, please fill out an adoption application form.