Georges (neutered)

Things really didn’t start out well for Georges. Originating from a hoarder seizure in Brampton Ontario, Georges came to us very aggressive and biting every hand that tried to touch him. He was also missing half his tail and had fresh bite wounds all over his tail and rear.

Once at the Rescue, the first thing we did was book him a neuter.
Now, about 3 months in, the neuter has done it’s magic and you almost can not recognize the same rat anymore.

George is now a bouncy, happy, friendly, LICKY rat who would much rather gently groom your fingers than bite anyone! He’s always waiting for us to come open his door, and he will even stick his little paws through the bars if you walk by his cage.

Georges really needs a home where he will be joining an existing group of female rats. Preferably ones who will cuddle with him, and play with him when he feels like it.

If you have the space and the right home for this sweet boy, please fill out an adoption application form.