Quincy & Perceval

Identical twin brothers, Quincy & Perceval were born sometime in April of 2020, making them currently the youngest rats at the Rescue. These brothers were purchased from Kijiji, only to have mites or lice, which unfortunately their previous human did not have the time or funds to treat.

With just a drop of Revolution each, and a very thorough cage clean, these brothers are now healthy, curious, bouncy and ready to find that perfect forever home.

Although they may look identical, you can easily tell the two apart as soon as you pick them up. Quincy practically clambers into your hand, while Percy is still a bit hand-shy and needs some coaxing.

Please note, these brothers still have a ton of growing to do. They absolutely need a large cage to grow into, and lots of toy and stimulation to keep them entertained.

If you are interested in adopting these brothers, please fill out an adoption application form.