Daisy (sponsor me!)

Elderly Daisy was brought to the Rescue along with her sister almost 2 and half years ago.
They have been with the Rescue ever since and were never even put up for adoption. The reason was because both girls are half wild and mostly feral. Their mother was dumped in a warehouse and was impregnated by wild rats. Daisy and her sister were born in the wild and raised in the wild.

Unfortuantely, the warehouse manager decided to call in an exterminator, and so with the help of a kind woman, we trapped all of the domesticated rats we could find, as well as Daisy and her sister.

Being almost 3 months old when we finally trapped them, neither of the girls were really adoptable. They bit, they scratched and they took every opportunity to try to escape.

It was only after 1.5 years with us that both girls suddenly and finally started to relaxed. They started to allow handing, they started to enjoy taking treats and running around in their carefully secured play area. Daisy, even stopped biting, most of the time. It was also around this time that both girls developped their first mammary tumor.

After two successful surgeries, unfortunately Daisy’s sister had to be euthanized with increasingly severe respiratory infections that did not respond well to antibiotics.

Daisy recently had a second tumor successfull removed and is now healing up very nicely. Both tumor removals cost just under $200.

Though there are no ongoing medical costs for Daisy’s care, she will be staying with the Rescue for the rest of her life where she has finally learned to feel comfortable and at home.

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