Ellie (sponsor me!)

Sweet elderly Ellie was surrendered to the rescue covered in lice, with a respiratory infection and initial symptoms of PT (pituitary tumor). We were honestly not even sure if little old Ellie would make it. Miraculously, with the love and care of her foster, plus the right antibioitcs and cabergoline to treat her PT symptoms, Ellie is almost completely back to being a normal rat.

She’s a little cuddlier than most, and she does sleep a lot, but you would never know that just a few weeks ago, Ellie was so lethargic and uncoordinated, she could barely move.

Unfortunately, Ellie has developed a small mammary tumor which we will try to have removed.

The surgery will cost the Rescue about $200.
Ellie’s pituitary tumor medication costs $22 per pill. She takes half a pill every 3 days.
Her respiratory infection medication costs about $30 a month.

If you would like to support the Rescue and make a donation for Ellie, please visit our Donate Page. Thank you!