Update March 2021:
Unfortunately, both Wraith and Purple had to be euthanized by our veterinarian due to persistent and worsening respiratory disease, leaving Grey the sole survivor from this group. Even so, Grey himself has severe and chronic respiratory disease and requires medication twice a day.

His monthly medical bill is about $30.

If you would like to help support the Rescue and our continued care of Grey, please visit our Donate Page.

This trio of boys came from a previous owner who did her best to provide for them. But unfortunately, that meant a bare, dirty cage, parasites and respiratory infections.

Originally, Sunny, a fourth rat was part of this group, however, the Rescue had to make the difficult dicision of having him euthanized by a veterinarian. Poor Sunny arrived with severe HED, followed by sudden and severe symptoms of PT (pituitary tumor). Considering his quality of life, their foster mom and the Rescue agreed that giving him a painless and peaceful end would be the best thing to do.

Grey, Wraith and Purple are overall friendly and curious, but as many older boys are, they are not as active or agile. All three are on antibioitics for respiratory infections and will likely need to continue to receive medication for the rest of their lives.