Poppy, Pixie, Ivy & Lucy

These 4 tightly bonded girls range from 8 months old (Lucy) to the eldest, being 18 months old (Ivy). Sisters Poppy and Pixie are estimated to be about 1 year old.

We would like to find them a home together as each of them relies strongly on the other for comfort and confidence. Of the 4, Lucy is definitely the most shy. She may never exactly be a human rat, as she much prefers the company of her sisters. Once she’s out of the cage, she’s quite confident in exploring and running around on her own.

Ivy is the chill one. Pixie loves her snacks. Poppy is sweet but isn’t so sure about being picked up all the time.

If you would like to adopt Poppy, Pixie, Ivy & Lucy, please fill out an adoption application form.