Evita & Celeste

Meet sisters, Evita and Celeste. These girls are perfect. They love people, they love each other, they love to eat, run, play and explore. You simply will not find rats who are more fun and energetic than these two. We estimate that they were born around end of April/beginning of May 2020, making them only 5 months old.

Evita and Celeste were actually surrendered to the Rescue extremely pregnant. They had been neglected and bred by a young man who had no idea what he was doing. Poor Evita had a severe inner ear infection which had not been treated. And unfortunately, to this day, she has a head tilt that will not go away. Thankfully, she no longer has an inner ear infection, so her balance and coordination are fine. Celeste arrived with a respiratory infection, which was also treated. So other than Evita looking a little bit confused all the time with her head tilted, both these girls are happy and healthy.

In a way, this is almost a good thing, because other than Evita being just a little bit smaller and having her tilted head, these sisters are identical.

We hope to find these girls are loving home with a huge cage, a running wheel, and someone who will have time to take them out to play at least 2 hours or more every evening.

If you’re interested in adopting these sweet girls, please fill out an adoption application form.