Frankie (neutered) and Toby

These boys are estimated to be 4-5 months old, with Toby being about 1 month younger than Frankie.

Both these boys had a very rough start to life. Toby was sold as snake food, but thankfully, the snake started shedding, and so the people who bought him decided to give him away. Thank goodness, because Toby is the sweetest, most loving rat ever. He loves people! Every time he sees his foster dad walk by, he usually sprints to the door in hopes of being picked up.

Poor Frankie was abandoned in an empty apartment after his humans moved out. Thankfully, the new tenant was kind enough to contact us so that we could find him a home. Despite being so chubby and big for a baby rat, Frankie is easily spooked. Sudden noises especially causes him to jump and dive for cover. He’s still very nervous about people suddenly approaching him, but once you have him in your arms, as long as you are calm and don’t make any sudden noises, he will eventually settle down.

For now, Frankie and Toby are looking for an experienced and calm home with no young children. They need humans who are patient and can consistently work on building Frankie’s confidence. All he really needs is some more time to be shown that he is safe, and humans aren’t that bad.

If you are interested in adopting Toby and Frankie, please complete an adoption application form.