Lilac & Violet

This pair of sweet, dainty girls are estimated to be about 3 months old and 5 months old respectively. Initially part of a large seizure of rats in Montreal Quebec, they were transferred into the care of the Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue where they would hopefully have a better chance at finding a forever home.

While Violet (dumbo) is brave, friendly and super outgoing, baby Lilac is still unfortunately quite shy and tends to want to hide. She definitely still isn’t the most comfortable being picked up. By keeping the two together, we had hoped that Violet’s ultra-friendly, outgoing nature would show little Lilac that humans aren’t so bad. But unfortunately, progress for Lilac has been slow. She is now slightly better about being handled, but is overall still a very nervous rat.

Because of this, Violet and Lilac must stay together, and they are looking for a home that has some experience socializing timid rats and has the patience to continue working with Lilac and pushing her boundries.

If you are interested in giving these two beautiful girls a chance and a loving home, please fill out an adoption application form.