Poppy, Robin & Vera (spayed)

Meet this perfect trio of tightly bonded girls. From front to back, they are Poppy (born Oct. 25, 2020), Robin and Vera.

Vera was found outside, skinny and covered in bite wounds. Thankfully, a kind person caught her and brought her to the Rescue. Unfortunately, while Vera was outside, she was also impregnated by a wild rat. Poppy is her daughter born at the Rescue exactly 20 days after her mother was rescued. We estimate Vera to be born around May or June of 2020. She is extremely adventurous, outgoing and is definitely the leader of this little group.

Robin was surrendered at the SPCA in Gatineau as a lone rat. She is estimated to be born some time in August of 2020. Robin is a sweetheart. She’s curious and very gentle. She never met a person she didn’t immediately want to climb on.

Robin and Vera immediately bonded as best friends, and Robin even helped Vera take care of some of her babies right around when they were being weaned. These three are absolutely inseparable and must be adopted together.

Poppy, being half-wild, is the most skiddish and jumpy of the 3. She may always remain this way due to her genetic back-ground. Poppy has the most confidence when she is near her mom, and given patience and time, really enjoys exploring and digging around in the blankets.

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