Yara & Sanna

You will not find a more perfect pair of rats anywhere. Sisters Yara and Sanna are estimated to be born in July of 2020. They are sweet, attentive, brave, loving and so very smart. They know their names and come when call. Of the two, Yara is slightly more food motivated, while Sanna will literally forego a treat for the sake of playing and interacting with her favourite toy in the word: humans.

If anything, the only negative thing about these girls is that Sanna so desperately craves attention that she will obsessively chew at the bars of her cage if she can see you and you aren’t letting her out to play. She does not do this when you are not in the room.

Anyone who wishes to adopt this lovely pair of girls must have a large enclosure, a big play area or room set up for them, and at least 1 hour or more a day to let them run around and hang out with their human family. They would really be wonderful free-range rats especially for family who can rat-proof an entire room for them. A 12″ solid wheel is a must.

To apply to adopt Yara and Sanna, please fill out an adoption application form.