Checkers (neutered) & Othello

Update: July 21, 2021. Unfortunately Othello’s face abscess has returned. We will again treat with antibiotics and saline flushes.

Update: June 10, 2021. Great news! Turns out, the mass on Othello’s face was an abscess, most likely caused by fighting between Othello and his brother Checkers. As such, Checkers has now been neutered, and Othello, after 1 month of oral antibiotics and thorough saline flushing of his abscess is 100% recovered!

Update: April 17, 2021. Unfortunately Othello appears to have developed a mass on his face. Awaiting results from vet.

Both Checkers and Othello came from a very neglectful situation were all the rats were infested with mites and lived in filth and urine.

After parasite treatment, one unavoidable herbal bath and several weeks of good food, clean bedding and fresh water, both boys are now truly coming out of their shells. Checkers and Othello are sweet, inquisitive boys who seek out human attention, don’t mind being picked up but at the same time, are still quite active and adventurous. They are coming along very nicely as well with their liter training, although there is still room to improve with consistency.

We estimate these boys were born some time in May of 2020.

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