Menma & Mei

Update: June 14th, 2021. Unfortunately, Mei’s respiratory infection has returned and will likely require treatment for the rest of her life. Additionally, Menma is now exhibiting symptoms of Pituitary Tumor. She will also undergo treatment with cabergoline.

Don’t let their age fool you. At 1.5 years old, Menma and Mei are both still so incredibly full of beans. They run, they climb, they explore, they do everything a young rat would want to do with boundless amounts of energy. Their foster mom has given up on keeping these girls restricted to just one area, and they now more-or-less have free range of her entire apartment.

Luckily, they are extremely brave, and although they may need supervision, they will not run away or hide from you.

While Menma could spend all day cuddling and burrowing in blankets (blankets are her absolute favourite thing!), Mei is an adventurer, and also master kisser.

Both girls had mild respiratory infections in the past, but they both responded extremely well to antibiotics and they also happen to be incredibly easy to medicate. They will take their meds directly out of the syringe.

Menma also had a large mammary tumor removed from her left groin area, but she has 100% healed from the surgery, and all of her hair has even grown back.

These two girls are looking for a forever home that will offer them free-range of an entire room, a large cage with plenty of toys and hammocks, and someone who understands the needs of older rats who will be seniors in just a few more months.

To apply to adopt, please fill out an adoption application form.