Aria (spayed) & Deny

Update: September 23, 2022. Aria has developed a series of small abscesses near and around her groin. She is currently on antibiotics which costs about $30/month.

Update: August 12, 2022. Deny has a skin infection and is slowly showing signs of improvement after several weeks of treatment. Unfortunately, she has now also developed three tumors: one in her groin and two more on her right hip. Due to her age and existing skin condition, she is not a candidate for surgery. She currently requires palliative care and on-going antibiotics which cost about $30/month.

Update: March 24, 2022. Deny’s surgery went very smoothly. Both girls are now tumor free and healthy!

Update: March 1, 2022. Unfortunately Brianne developed 5 new tumors in succession which were determined to be cancerous. The cancer spread quickly to her other organs. The decision was made to have her euthanized February 22, 2022. Deny now has a second tumor which is scheduled for surgery on March 9, 2022

Update: Jan. 21, 2022. Brianne developed a second tumor, which was also successfully removed. All three girls are now healthy and tumor-free again.

Update Nov. 23, 2021: In Oct, Brianne developed a large tumor that was successfully removed. Now Deny has developed a similar, but smaller tumor. She and remaining sister Aria are scheduled for surgery for tumor removal and spay Nov. 24-25, 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect rats, look no further.
Meet this trio of gorgeous girls, who get along with each other, get along with every human they’ve ever met, are used to dogs and cats, and just about the sweetest rats you will ever meet.

Aria is likely the youngest of the trio. We believe she may have been born some time in June of 2020. She’s sweet, dainty and the baby of the group. Next up, is Deny, who’s a curious adventurer. She’s always excited to explore new things and meet new people. Finally, there’s Brianne, who is the most active, yet at the same time, also the one who LOVES to kiss her humans. She will literally lick your entire hand and your whole face if you let her. We believe Aria and Brianne are sisters born in April of 2020.

This trio of perfect ladies need a home where they will get tons of attention, a huge enclosure with lots of fun things to do, and humans who will consider them part of the family.

To apply to adopt Aria, Deny and Brianne, please fill out an adoption application form.