Xavier-Lee, Francis & Charles (special needs)

Meet this trio of of older boys, Xavier-Lee, Francis & Charles.

They were unfortunately neglected for most of their life and surrendered to the Rescue with some health issues.

Of the three Xavier-Lee is the oldest at approximately 2 years old, but he also happens to be the healthiest. His only ailment is some natural balding due to being a Rex rat.

Both Francis and Charles are estimated to be about 1 year old and both suffer from respiratory infections. Thankfully, they are responding well to having a clean environment and antibiotics. Likely they will need about 3 more weeks of treatment before they will be completely healthy. Charles was in the worst shape, so there is always a chance he may need to be on antibiotics for even longer.

Xavier is by far the most outgoing and adventurous. While Francis and Charles are tightly bonded, but slightly more shy. All three were not handled for about 10 months to a year of their lives. Our foster has been working to earn their trust, and so all three are slowly but surely coming around. All three will now accept treats by hand and gentle head pets.

The ideal home for these boys would be an experienced home with lots of room and patience. These boys are extremely low maintenance, will not get into things, and really just need a loving home to relax and be loved for the first time in their lives.

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