Shay & Lily

Sisters Shay & Lily are estimated to have been born in May of 2020, meaning they are just over 1 year old. We would strongly prefer that Shay & Lily be adopted with Cleo & Leila and will only allow them to be separated if the applicant already has an existing colony of rats.

You are unlikely to find more friendly, sociable or well-behaved rats anywhere. Aside from being soft, and cute as buttons, Shay & Lily are 100% liter trained, do not chew or destroy anything, are not picky about their vegetables or fruits and come almost immediately when called. They love to give kisses, love to climb on their humans, and love to explore. Lily will even settle into your arms or your lap for a long cuddle session if you give her gentle scratches in her favourite places (behind her ears and on her neck).

The ideal home will adopt all 4 girls together and basically give them free range in a safe room whenever they get the chance.

If you think these girls would be the perfect fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application form.