Sandy (sponsor me/special needs)

Sandy came to the Rescue in late May of 2020.

She was found in a backyard after her and at least 1 other rat was dumped outside. For weeks, a kind man tried to trap them, but despite his best efforts, they could not be caught. After several weeks, the other rat suddenly disappeared and only Sandy was left. Now extremely skinny and hungry, she finally allowed herself to be trapped.

Unfortunately the trauma of what she had been through made Sandy extremely fearful, to the point of biting. She was extremely aggressive towards other rats, including young babies and calm neutered males. Her response to anything she is unsure of, is unfortunately to bite.

After just over a year with the Rescue, we have finally worked out a truce with Sandy. She is only touched when it is her time to come out for a run. And when it is time to go back, we herd her towards her cage and she climbs in by herself. Attempts to touch or handle her in any way outside of this arrangement often results in a bite.

Because of Sandy’s anxiety-driven behaviour, and her refusal to live with or accept other rats (we have been trying for over a year), Sandy will ONLY be adoptable to someone with no other pet rats and either has experience with caring for wildlife or special needs rats like Sandy with behaviour issues.

If you are not able to give Sandy a home, please also consider Sponsoring Sandy by making a donation as we are hoping to have her spayed. We normally would not spay a healthy female rat, however, considering how difficult it is to handle her, this would be done to prevent tumors and pituitary tumor disease, both of which would require handling for medication and cleaning. Something that just would not be possible with Sandy.

Thank you for your interest.