*** In order to adopt, you must be an existing client of a vet clinic that sees rats or have been accepted as a new client at a clinic that sees rats ***

Update: March 6, 2022. Unfortunately, after 7 months of 2 types of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, Michelangelo continued to decline and the difficult decision was made to have him euthanized by our veterinarian. RIP Mike.

Update: Oct. 14, 2022. Donatello had two keratin cysts removed. A large 4cm one from the base of his tail, and a smaller one from the inside of his left leg.

Update: Oct. 18, 2022. Leonardo unfortunately has a tumorous growth on his left jaw impacting the growth of his teeth and his ability to eat hard foods. He is currently on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and undergoing observation.

Update: Oct. 29, 2022. Unfortunately Leonardo’s facial growth was indeed tumorous and quickly took over his entire face and lower jaw. The decision was made to have him euthanized by our veterinarian.

Update: Nov. 19, 2022. Unfortunately, very unexpectedly, Donatello passed in his sleep.

These four brothers were born in November of 2020. Originally purchased from a “breeder” on Kijiji, their original owner unfortunately lost interest and her mother ended up taking care of them. After a year, with her own cats and responsibilities, the mother could no longer keep the rats and so reached out to the Rescue to give these boys a home.

Although they look nearly identical, every single boy has his own distinct personality, and small physical differences that will make it easy for you to tell them apart.

Donatello is easily the largest of the boys, outweighing his smallest brother by over 100g. He’s also the bravest and the sweetest. He loves nothing more than to get head rubs and will lay contently on your chest if you keep giving him gentle scritches around his ears. Donatello has a large white belly with the white extending all the way down to his hind legs.

Raphael is the second largest of the boys. He is the first at the door to say hello, but once he’s out, he prefers his independence. Of course, the moment he hears the treats bag, he’s also the first to run over to check on his humans. Raphael is completely black from his ear tips, to tail tip all the way to his dark furry hobbit feet.

Michelangelo is the second smallest of this crew and the most mellow, but unfortunately it’s due to a respiratory infection that was left untreated for an unknown period of time. He is responding well to Doxycycline, but it remains to be seen if he will need to stay on the meds for the remainder of his life. Michelangelo has a white belly, but it doesn’t spread down to his legs like on Don.

Finally, there is Leonardo whom his foster mom has described as a fluffy black cotton ball. All four of the boys are rex rats but none have the curl that Leo does. He’s an easy-going boy who’s personality is the perfect balance of confident and sweet. Leo has a tiny sliver of white on his chest to help tell him apart from the others.

This quartet are such a wonderful mix of personalities, and the softest, squishiest male rats anyone could ask for. Don’t let their age or Michelangelo’s health issue discourage you. You can follow their adventures on their foster mom’s instagram @melanie_falardeau where she posts stories of them almost every day.

If you are interested in offering these big boys a loving forever home, please fill out an adoption application form.