Benji & Rick (neutered)

Benji and Rick are both estimated to be around 8 months old as of December 2021, and both were surrendered by their previous families who could not keep them for various reasons.

Poor Benji is a sweet, but shy boy who lost his brother to an unknown illness and his previous human felt like he was simply lonely and deserved new rat friends.

Rick on the other hand, was surrendered because he was a huge bully who was beating up his cage-mates. His previous owner unfortunately could not afford the neuter that would have resolved all of Rick’s hormonal issues, so we agreed to take him in and got him that neuter instead. Luckily Rick turned out to be the most sweet, puppy-like boy you’ll ever meet! He loves people, he loves interacting with people, and he’s so sweet with humans. That fact has not changed even after his surgery.

After a slow and steady introduction, Benji and Rick are now living together peacefully. Despite being the one who’s neutered, Rick is still the boss! And Benji is still shy and nervous.

These two are looking for a home together with someone who will give Benji the extra attention he needs to come out of his shell, even though Rick will probably try to hog all of your love and all the treats!

Please note, their adoption fee (total) is $80. To inquire about adopting these boys, please fill out our Adoption Application form.