Gizmo & Gumshoe

Gizmo and Gumshoe are the sweetest, most friendly boys we’ve met in a long time! And despite everything they’ve been through, they managed to maintain their wonderful personalities and warm up to new people very quickly.

Gizmo and Gumshoe are brothers, with an estimated date of birth of July or August of 2021.

According to the person who surrendered them to the Rescue, she purchased them from someone on Kijiji who had in turn originally purchased them from a local breeder. When these boys arrived, they were extremely skinny, covered in lice and all of them had thin, rough fur. Gizmo especially basically had no hair left and you could see his thigh bones and back vertebrae very clearly. After just three weeks of proper parasite treatment, good food and a clean environment, both have gained significant weight and Gizmo even got all of his hair back! It’s safe to say they are now feeling wonderful and so ready to find their forever home.

Here’s what their foster family had to say about them:
Little Gumshoe is a true detective. He has to sniff and check out every hand that’s put in front of his nose and every nook and cranny of every place he’s given the chance to explore. He is cunning, brave, and even gives occasional licks. He likes being pet and held but prefers to stay in motion. If you’re holding him, expect he’ll find some way up to your shoulder or even to the lookout point on top of your head.

Gizmo is a sweet little boy who likes cuddles and treats. He is shy but enjoys company once he’s warmed up to you. He can often be found following closely behind Gumshoe, letting his brother do the dangerous exploring while he takes a more cautious approach. He loves a good scratch behind the ears and is very food motivated.

If you believe you can offer Gizmo and Gumshoe their forever home please fill out an adoption application form.