Stevie & Tully

Meet the Fab Sisters: Stevie & Tully

While Stevie is not biologically related to Tully, the two are tightly bounded.

Stevie is definitely calmer. She was found abandoned outside, dehydrated, skin and bones and full of bot fly larvae. She nearly didn’t make it. Thankfully, with good food, warmth, lots of fluids and a safe place at her foster’s home, she eventually pulled through and is now completely healthy and happy.

Tully was from an oops litter when a couple purchased some rats from a pet store and they got a big surprise when two of the girls ended up being pregnant.

These girls need a lot of attention, play-time outside the cage and a variety of toys and enrichment to keep them happy, healthy and continuing to grow into their confidence. To see their adventures, please visit their foster’s Instagram @thestayandplay

If you think these are the right girls for you, please fill out an Adoption Application form.

We estimate that they were born some time in July, 2022.