Iggy & Nimbus

These brothers were born June 22, 2021 after their mother was left at the SPCA Gatineau, pregnant. They were adopted, but sadly were recently returned due to allergies. While these two sweethearts are on the slightly older side, they would still be wonderful companions for someone who has a bit of experience with rats, and it looking for calm, cuddly boys who will just hang out with you on the couch and give you all the kisses and licks you would ever want.

Both are extremely sweet, comfortable with being held and carried around, and so far, very good with their litter box. They are not destructive and can be trusted to go almost anywhere. Their foster home also has a small dog who doesn’t seem to bother them one bit.

If you’re looking for sweet, cuddly and calm boys to spoil for the next 6 months to a year, then these two would be the perfect gents to join your family.

Please fill out an Adoption Application form if you think Iggy & Nimbus are the right fit for your family.