Goofy & Pluto (neutered)

Update: Feb. 13, 2023, Pluto has been neutered to help resolve some hormonal behaviour towards his brother.

These brothers were born from an oops litter when a couple purchased some rats from a pet store and they got a big surprise when two of the girls ended up being pregnant.

Despite arriving with mites, and being extremely skinny, after just a few weeks with our loving foster family, they are now healthy and put on some weight and muscle from being able to run and explore (as baby rats should!).

Ever since Pluto’s neuter, he’s become the perfect boy! He’s friendly, comes when called, likes to give you kisses and is always so excited and happy to see you. Best of all, he’s now always cuddling his brother and bouncing with happy energy. Goofy has also completely changed now that he can finally relax around his brother. He loves to climb and explore and although he can still be a little dramatic when being suddenly touched or picked him, once he gets to know you, he also comes when called and will crawl all over you.

If you think these are the right boys for you, please fill out an Adoption Application form. Please note, because Pluto is neutered, the adoption fee for this pair is $150 total.

We estimate that they were born some time in July, 2022.