Spot & Speck

These two boys are estimated to be born in late November or early December of 2022. They may look nearly identical but Spot has a large white patch on his chest, while Speck has a tiny cluster of four white hairs on his chest. They were part of three oops litters from when a young man purchased rats from someone on Kijiji and the girls turned out to be pregnant.

Thankfully, he has been doing his best to take care care of them and to handle them every day. Both are extremely curious and friendly, but will take a bit of time to warm up to new people and things. Unfortunately, both arrived with mild respiratory infections, so they will not be available to go to their new homes until they complete 14 days of antibiotics.

Soon they will be looking for a loving forever home that will give them tons of attention, lots of space to grow into, and the care they will need to ensure they get to grow old together.

If you are interested in adopting these brothers, please fill out an adoption application form.