Totoro & Jiji (experienced home only)

Meet the extremely handsome Totoro and Jiji who are looking for a home to call their own.

These two boys are estimated to be around 1 year old, but it’s very hard to know their exact age as they were found as strays outside in a box in Montreal. They spent a few weeks at the Montreal SPCA where they were treated for parasites, then were transferred into our care where they would have more one-on-one attention and hopefully a better chance of finding a home.

Of the two, Totoro is definitely braver. He is now crawling into his foster parent’s arms on his own and is very curious about all the new sounds and smells. He is also fiercely protective of Jiji and the two are always cuddled together. Their foster has also reported some territorial/protective behaviour inside the cage which is why we prefer an experienced home.

Jiji on the other hand is a little more cautious and will need someone with patience and a gentle hand to coax him out of his shell. He’s a total sweetheart when you do get him to come out, but he’s simply not as brave or confident as Totoro. The two are tightly bonded.

To adopt Totoro and Jiji, please fill out an Adoption Application form.