Blizzard Boys

If you’re looking to add some love and cuteness to your life (and a healthy dose of chaos) look no further! The Blizzard Boys are here! We estimate they were born some time mid-March 2023.

Originally surrendered through the SPCA Gatineau, they were immediately transferred to the Rescue due to the lack of space at the SPCA. They were part of an unplanned litter when their previous human found himself with too many rats and all of the sexes mixed up.

These boys are so sweet, so curious and full of shenanigans.

There are 6 boys in total, and although they look nearly identical upon first glance, there are actually some major differences: 4 of the 6 boys actually have wavy rex hair and curly whiskers and several of them have brown nose smudges. Their personalities also vary from the extremely friendly, to the extremely chaotic! We’d like to find them all homes as pairs or in a larger group.

To apply to adopt a pair or more of these sweet boys, please fill out an adoption application form.