Velma & Daphne

Sisters Velma & Daphne were purchased from PetSmart about a year ago, and unfortunately they were nor very brave or social. Their previous owner tried what she could to win them over, but having no experience with rats, she had them a year and made no progress and thus decided to surrender them to the Rescue.

Luckily we had an amazing foster who was able to almost immediately gain their trust and in the three weeks they were with that foster, they learned to enjoy hanging out with humans, taking food from them (gently) and even being brave enough now to wait at the door to come out for some cuddles.

They are unfortunately still quite easily startled and Velma especially is still quite wary of people.

Velma and Daphne are tightly bonded and must go to an experienced home together.
If you think you’re up for the challenge, or you have lots of experiencing winning over skiddish rats, please fill out an Adoption Application form.