Fern & Ivy

Sister Fern and Ivy were purchased by their previous owner from Pet Smart in May of 2023. Thus, we estimate that they are about 6 months old currently. Unfortunately their previous owner lost interest and thus these girls were banned to the garage until her father reached out to us and we were able to find a foster to take them in.

Since arriving in their new foster home, they have really come out of their shell and their personalities shine!

Below are a few words from their foster family:

Ivy is a very active and curious girl who loves to explore and climb. She’s friendly and funny and makes us laugh often with her antics. She’s always waiting right at the door, looking for some love and attention.

Fern is more reserved and still quite cautious of humans – she will usually run and hide when the cage is opened, but is slowly becoming more tolerant of being handled. She will often come out for treats!

Both girls enjoy being cuddled up in the safety of a hoodie or pocket and carried around the house.

These girls are looking for a loving forever home together as a bonded pair. To adopt, please fill out an adoption application form.