Reed, Angus & Nico

Reed, Angus and Nico of three of the sweetest boys you will ever meet.
They were surrendered to the SPCA Gatineau in September of 2023 with mild respiratory infections. We estimate that they were born some time in March of 2023. The staff at the SPCA could see right away that they were sweet, loving boys who craved attention and wanted to explore, but with their limited space and time, they contacted the Rescue hoping that we would have a foster home available that could give them the love and attention they craved.

So after undergoing a short treatment for mild respiratory infections, all three boys were transferred to the Rescue where they quickly won over their foster family.

Angus is the most outgoing of the three while Reed and Nico can be dramatic, but all three are so incredibly sweet, you’ll just want to snuggle them and bring them with you everywhere you go. All three enjoy their playtime, but just as much enjoy hanging out with you in a hood, pouch or on your shoulder.

In typical boy-rat fashion, they love to cuddle and eat!

If you are looking for the perfect tiny companions to add to your family, please fill out an Adoption Application. These boys will win you over in a heartbeat – Guaranteed!