Mabel, Jasmine and Amelia

This adorable mother-daughter trio are perfect in every way!

We were told Mabel (mother), is about 1.5 years old, but we sincerely think she’s closer to just 1 year old, as she still has so much energy and spunk. It’s possible the previous owner got her age wrong since she herself got them from someone who had them before. Mabel is a total attention hog, and though she takes the longest to warm up to new people, once you have her trust, she’ll be the one demand you pay attention to her.

Her daughters, Jasmine (black & white) and Amelia (white) are estimated to be 9 months old. But again, they could be younger based on how energetic they are. They are just as friendly and outgoing as Mabel, though they have a slight preference to adventure and exploration over riding shoulders or being carried around.

Every one of them is friendly, outgoing and bonded to their foster family almost right away.

Mabel arrived with a slightly infected left eye, but after 2 weeks of antibiotic eye drops, she’s now fully recovered and the three of them are ready to find their forever home!

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