Pearl and Opal

Update Jan. 23, 2024: Opal’s tumor was successfully removed and both girls are now fully recovered and ready to find their forever home!
Update Jan. 8, 2024: Pearl’s tumor was successfully removed and she is recovering well. Unfortunately, a tumor has now been found on Opal, pending removal.
Update Nov. 9, 2023: Unfortunately our foster mom found a small 2 cm mammary tumor on Pearl. Thus, until our vet can remove it, these girls will be on a medical hold

It is estimated that these sisters were born in Aug. 2022. Despite only being about a year old, they have been passed along to 3 different homes before finally arriving at the rescue. We were told that these girls kept being given away because they were “biters”.

Well, after spending 2 weeks with our foster, we can confirm that they are absolutely not. Yes, they arrived at the rescue extremely nervous and unsure, but who could blame them after being passed around so much. And at first, they did nip, but it was only in nervous situations.

Our foster only needed about 1 week to show these girls that we were not there to hurt them, or manhandle them.

Both girls are now so sweet and trusting.

We want to find them a forever home where they will be loved, spoiled and won over with kind words and patience so that they can feel comfortable enough to let their guards down. Due to their previous negative experience with three different sets of children, they will not be adopted out to any families with youth under the age of 14.

To apply to adopt Pearl and Opal, please fill out an adoption application form.