Bowser & Rufus

Brothers Bowser and Rufus were surrendered to the SPCA Gatineau as seniors in late 2023. We estimate they are just over 2 years old Unfortunately, they have a host of behavioral and health issues requiring some special care.

Bowser is very defensive and wary of humans and will bite to draw blood. He also has a fatty deposit that is not growing or bothering him in his right upper torso. The Rescue is keeping a close eye on it. Rufus is much sweeter and kinder and seems to enjoy the occasional pet and cuddle with his humans, however he has a chronic respiratory infection that requires twice daily antibiotics to keep it under control. He also has a keratin cyst close to the base of his tail that is also not growing or bothering him currently.

Due to a combination of medical and behavioural issues, these boys will be staying with an experienced foster as long-term/palliative care residents of the Rescue.

Rufus’ medication currently costs about $36 per month. If you would like to help us pay for his veterinary care, please visit the Donate Page, or feel free to contact us for other ways you can help us help these sweet deserving boys.