Titi & Tata

Meet the immeasurably adorable brothers, Titi and Tata.
These two boys were left outside of Healthy Pet HQ in Ottawa and were luckily rescues by another small animal rescue. They were then transferred to Ottawa Pet Rat Rescue at just 10 weeks of age. We estimate that they are currently 3-4 months old.

Both boys are so friendly and love to explore. It may take them a while to warm up to you, and they still aren’t the biggest fan of being handled, but once they are out and about, all they have on their minds are play and adventure.

These boys are looking for a loving forever home who will continue to work on their socialization and handling but also give them tons of space and enrichment to develop into sweet, perfect boys.

If you’re interest in adopting these boys, you must be aware that hairless rats are more prone to certain genetic issues, such as eye infections, cysts, ingrown hairs, etc. Proper and prompt veterinary care will be essential if these issues occure.

Please fill out an adoption application form if they sound like the perfect companions for you.