Karma & Dottie (adoption pending)

Sisters Karma & Dottie are now ready to find their forever home!
These girls were born some time around the Easter weekend of 2024. They were an oops litter from Peterborough where their previous human unfortunately allowed her male rat to get two of her female rats pregnant. Matilda and Winnie are part of a group of 24 babies who were surrendered to the Rescue.

Below are some words about these girls from their foster mom:

“Karma is a rat, boggling on my lap cause she loves me (sorry, I had to quote Taylor Swift, let’s move on). Karma is always willing to come out and play. She likes to give kisses. She eats her treats at the speed of light and always comes back for more.

Dottie is the smallest and shyest girl of the group but oh is she adorable. She could probably convince me to do anything with those eyes. She is medium-level type of energy.”

To adopt Karma & Dottie, please fill out an adoption application form.