Homes Needed

Could you use some furry love in your life?
We have some friends that will make your day.

In late July, OPRats took in a large surrender (21 rats!!) from a breeder who has been reported and was therefore ‘disposing’ of his stock. Of these 21 rats, 6 were likely pregnant females (as they had been kept together with males). 4 of these females were able to be spayed in time to stop their pregnancies from progressing, but two, Dixie and Jackie, were too far long. From their two litters another 21 rats were born.

Just to stress the math, that’s 42 new rats at the rescue in one fell swoop.

OPRats is extremely fortunate and grateful that our awesome fosters were able to step up and all the surrenders that weren’t pregnant were able to find foster homes where they are being showered with love and affection. Some of these darlings have already been adopted and are in their forever homes! However, there are still many who are looking for that special human who’s shoulder they can cuddle up on and lick.

The two pregnant females stayed at the rescue and are currently nursing their babies – all of which will also be up for adoption in the coming month.

As a result, we are in need of home for these gorgeous furries. They are all well socialized and will add tons of love and laughter to your life. If this sounds like something you’re missing, check out our adoption page. If you’re not able to adopt, but would still like to help, consider fostering, or donating.