Guy & Stéphane *medical hold*

Meet brothers Guy and Stéphane!
These two nearly identical brothers were rescued along with 18 other rats from a horrible situation. Although they were terrified, quick to bite, and sick, with the amount of time and love their foster-dad has given them, both boys are now fully adoptable!

Guy is the more outgoing of the two brothers. He spends most of his time wondering around his foster dad’s bedroom, going back to the cage only for food, water, or poop-breaks (he’s well litter trained!). Guy will come to greet you and is now more than happy to be cuddled and picked up.

His brother Stéphane will require a little more patience and gentleness to fully win him over. He’s quite outgoing with his foster-dad, but still shy around strangers, and will hide in his cage. Stéphane is finishing up a last round of antibiotics to clear up his respiratory infection.

To adopt these beautiful brothers, please fill out the Adoption Application under “Get Involved” -> “Adopt”.