Sonny (neutered)

Meet sweet, playful Sonny! Gone is the nervous, bitey boy who was surrendered to us about a month ago. Sonny would love nothing more than a bunch of lovely lady rats and a human who would like to hand-wrestle.

This boy is estimated to be 7 months old. He was rescued off Kijiji by a lovely lady who wanted to give him a better life with friends and a big cage. Unfortunately, it seemed that Sonny kept on biting his would be rescuer, and ended up being isolated in a cage alone due to the fact that she simply could not handle him.

After assessing Sonny’s behaviour, we have noticed that Sonny does tend to use his teeth, especially when nervous, but he does not actually bite down. He will nervously put his teeth on your finger, then look at you like “what are you doing?” If you simply keep your hand still and gently make an “eep” sound, he will back off immediately and switch to sniffing your hand.

Once Sonny gets to know your smell and your sound, he stops using his teeth on you altogether.

Sonny will only be adopted into a home that has existing female rats for him to become friends with. He can also be adopted with any of the other females we have listed on our website.

Please note, Sonny’s adoption fee is $60.

To inquire about adopting Sonny, please fill out an adoption application.