Pitter and Pat

Pitter and Pat are sweet, 4 month old brothers who were purchased from a pet store on a whim and unfortunately neglected for the next 3 months. Thankfully, the adults in the family eventually realized that they needed to be surrendered or rehomed.

Understandably, both boys are extremely nervous having never been handled and they will need a calm, patient family to adopt them. At the moment, they are being fostered by one of our experienced foster moms and she has slowly but steady made progress. They no longer freeze in fear at every sound and movement and have cautiously begun to approach her and even climb onto her lap if she stays still and calm.

We will continue to work hard to socialize these boys, but other than their anxiousness, they are perfectly healthy and have the most adorable, almost feminine faces!

If you are an experienced rat parent, or up for the challenge (and reward) of teaching these boys humans aren’t all so bad, then these boys are definitely perfect for you.

To inquire about adopting Pitter and Pat, please fill out an adoption application.