Sweet, nervous Rudy was surrendered at 7 months of age with his equally terrified brother. Both boys had been purchased as babies from a pet store, but due to lack of socialization, and what looks like simple lack of knowledge about rats, their previous human grew to fear them. They had not been handled for months when they arrived at the Rescue.

We were told that both boys would lunge and bite at every opportunity and that they had been separated as babies due to fighting and biting as well. Regardless of what really happened, it was clear that both were traumatized, likely hormonal and needed some serious TLC.

After just a month of persistent socialization and a neuter, Rudy is now a total sweetheart. He is very gentle when taking food from your hand and is always excited to greet you at the door of his cage. If you catch him in the right mood, he also enjoys firm strokes along the top of his head.

For now, Rudy is still a little bit nervous about being picked up. However, once he gets to know you a bit, he allows himself to be scooped up without too much complaint. He is also still very mouthy and likes to test everything with a nibble. This is VERY common with baby rats and is a normal part of their learning process. We suspect that Rudy never had this chance, which is why he is doing it now. It is slightly more nerve-racking as he is an adult rat with adult teeth, but as long as you stay calm, don’t move your hand above him suddenly, and clearly communicate with squeaks when you have had enough, he immediately listens and will either lick you, or back off completely.

For now, Rudy would prefer an experienced home with at least 2 female rats that he can join and cuddle with.

If you think you can offer Rudy a second chance at life, please contact us, or complete an adoption application form.