Sept. 2020: Despite being the completely healthy one, our foster parents were shocked to find Dixie had passed away overnight. She had no symptoms and had suffered no trauma. Most likely, she ad died in her sleep or had suffered a stroke. Rest in Peace Dixie.

Dixie and Cora, both girls born on Halloween night of 2018 are super curious and love to explore. While they used to be quite nervous, their parents have done an amazing job socializing them. Cora and Dixie both enjoy being perched on your shoulder and Dixie actually knows how to give a “kiss” on command (for a treat of course!) The only hang-up Dixie still has is that she does not enjoy being grabbed to be taken out of the cage. That is the only time she shows any signs of discomfort. Once she’s out, she’s completely fine! So they will require someone who is either very very patient and will wait for Dixie to come out on her own, or someone who’s very experienced with handling rats, and can firmly and safely take her out of the cage.

These two girls must be adopted together as they are tightly bonded and can always be found cuddling together. Cora unfortunatley has a history of developing mild to moderate respiratory infections and needs to be on medication for the rest of her life. This will cost about $30 per month.

If you’re interested in giving these lovely babies a place in your heart and home, please fill out an adoption application form.