Earl & Bernie

Earl & Bernie are two sweethearts whom we estimate are 7-10 months old. Although they are not brothers, they were raised together and get along just fine. Despite being so much smaller, Earl is actually the slightly more dominant one and is often spotted grooming his much bigger friend.

Of the two, Bernie is more laid back and loves people. He will lick your fingers and spend his entire time running around on you or near you. Earl on the other hand is a little bit more reserved. Though he may be considered shy, he’s still very curious and has shown that he does have a playful side to him, specially when you tickle his head.

Both boys are very gentle when taking food and tolerate being picked up and held, although being held for more than a minute or two is definitely not on their list of favourite things to do. (Way too busy for that!)

If you’re interested in adopting Earl & Bernie, please fill out an adoption application form.