Nydia, Azumi & Haven

Meet this trio of sisters who had a rather interesting start to life, but are now looking for that perfect family to take them in. Nydia (hairless), Azumi (beige) and Haven (black) are estimated to be bout 10 months old. Their previous human unfortunately had to give them up due to health issues, but overall, kept these girls healthy and relatively well-socialized.

Of the three, Nydia is the most friendly. She will happily be picked up, and climbs right up into your arms! Azumi, is just a little more shy. She’s not too sure about being picked up, but she’s actually quite sweet and curious, in a shy kind of way. Haven is unfortunately the most skiddish of the three. She’s quite scared about being picked up, and the only place she feels comfortable is up on your shoulder, or NOT being touched at all. Of the three, Haven definitely requires the most work an patience.

Thankfully, all three girls will be with one of our experienced fosters, and hopefully with time, and love, Haven will come around.

These sisters must be adopted together, as a trio.

To apply, please fill out our online adoption application form.