Amy (sponsor me!)

Sweet, awkward Amy was surrendered to the Rescue by a previous owner who could not afford to take her to see a vet. Amy had unfortunately been living in a small tank on wood shavings her whole life. She had developed respiratory symptoms several months earlier, but her previous owner did not or could not take her to see a vet.

Finally, when Amy started to show severe symptoms, including lack of appetite, lethargy and gasping, her previous owner reached out to the Rescue, asking us to save her life and provide her with desperately needed treatment.

After a shakey first few days where she was extremely lethargic and had no appetite, it seemed that the combination of antibiotics the vet prescribed started to work. It may have also helped that she was now in a properly vetilated wire cage with clean fabric. By her second week with the Rescue, she started to really come out of her shell. Learned to climb up ladders and especially seemed to enjoy being perched up as high as possible. Something she never had before due to being in a single level tank.

Amy will unfortunately have to be on her medication for life, considering the severe and permanent damage that had been done to her lungs by the untreated infection. Her antibiotics cost about $30 per month.

If you would like to help support the Rescue in caring for Amy, please visit our Donate Page.