Wilma, Amy (special needs) & Nutmeg

Meet this trio of unlikely friends (from left to right), Wilma who is about 1 year old, Amy, who is estimated to be 1.5 years old and Nutmeg, who is around 7 months old.

All three were brought into the rescue from dire situations.

Wilma had a small mass and a hernia on top of a respiratory infection. All of her health issues have now been completely resolved. She is a lovely girl who loves to play hard, but then cuddles just as hard.

Amy was surrendered by a family who ignored her obvious and increasingly severe respiratory infection until she was no longer able to breath without gasping. At that point, they decided to “donate” Amy to the Rescue and insisted that we had to save her. Due to this past negligence, Amy has permanently compromised lung capacity and will need to remain on antibioitcs for the rest of her life. She is a sweet and intelligent lady who will look straight into your eyes with a level of awareness that is impressive. She’s independant and will tell you clearly what she likes and what she dislikes. Amy is not a cuddler.

Nutmeg was purchased for snake food, but the snake wasn’t hungry. She’s basically your typical baby. She’s so full of energy she could run around and play for hours. Funny enough, Nugmet and Amy are almost always found sleeping together.

If you would like to adopt these three girls, please fill out an adoption application form.