Arwen & Hera

Meet sisters, Arwen & Hera. These two girls were born Oct. 25, 2020.

Both girls are half-wild rat, meaning her father was a wild rat, while her mother was a fully domesticated (and extremely friendly) pet rat who had been abandoned outside.

Both girls are fine with being held and handled, however, due to their past, they would prefer an experienced home. Strong preference will be given to any adopters who already have friendly, older female rats at home. Half-Wild rats tend to remain wary and easily spooked their whole lives. They also tend to bond with 1 or 2 humans and will take a long time to gain trust with any new people. They take great comfort in being part of a larger group of rats. That is why, the ideal home for these 2 girls will be with an existing colony of female rats.

If you think you have the perfect home for these two adorable sisters, please fill out an adoption application form.