Sisyphus & Atlas

These bothers, Sisyphus & Atlas were born in October of 2020. Their previous human unfortunately had to move out of the province on short notice, and could not take them with her. Thankfully, they are both healthy, extremely friendly, very neat and tidy, and the perfect boy rats for anyone who would love a cuddle buddy for movie nights.

Of the two Sisyphus is the attention hog, who can never get enough of being held and human cuddles, whereas Atlas is the slightly more independent boy. Both are perfectly fine with being picked up and carried around.

Due to an incident shortly after birth, Sisyphus is missing all but 1.5 toes on his back right foot. But don’t worry, he’s so used to it, it doesn’t affect his mobility or his ability to climb at all.

If you are interested in giving these two sweet boys a forever home, please fill out an adoption application form.