Bernadette & Shelby

These sisters are estimated to be born some time in March of 2022. Despite their young lives, they’ve had a bit of a rough start. Originally purchased from a breeder in Vars who also bred rats for a dog sport called “Barn Hunt”, it’s no surprise that they arrived extremely skiddish.

Their original owner got bitten several times and despite her best efforts to socialize them, they continued to fear her and avoid her at all costs. Denise especially was so fearful she would let out a blood-curdling scream every time you tried to pick her up. Their previous owner gave up and decided to surrender them to the Rescue.

After spending several weeks with a foster, we’re happy to announce that both girls are now ready for their forever home!

Shelby (the darker grey girl) is still a little bit wary of being picked up, but once she’s out, she loves to run around and explore and come say hello. Bernadette (the lighter grey girl), can still be a little wary of strangers at first, but once she realizes you mean no harm, she will come running right up onto your arms. Both girls definitely do still startle very easily, but they quickly come back out to investigate if their trusted human is around.

We would require them to go to a home without dogs or cats, where their ideal adopter must be patient, offer them tons of attention and a fully rat-proofed area for them to run around in.

If you think you are the ones for Bernadette and Shelby, please fill out an adoption application. These girls can also be adopted with Socks & Pebble.