Pebble & Socks

*** In order to adopt, you must be an existing client of a vet clinic that sees rats. ***

Update: On October 14, 2022 Pebbles began bleeding from her vagina. She was rushed to an exotics specialist vet in Montreal and has undergone a full spay. She will be on pain medication and antibiotics for the next few weeks as we continue to monitor her condition.

Looking for a pair of active young rats who are extremely friendly and outgoing? Then these hyper-active sisters are the ones for you. Pebble and Socks need a large enclosure, tons of space outside their cage and preferably TWO wheels or one very large one, since both of them love to run, and often at the same time.

They can be very destructive if not constantly entertained, but that just means if you have the time and energy to train these girls, they will be responsive and likely will learn any trick you decide to teach them.

They would prefer a home without any cats, as Pebbles is quite scared of them. It’s taken her about 3 weeks to finally get used to the idea of one being in their foster’s home, but it definitely still makes her extremely nervous. Socks originally arrived with a respiratory infection, but she is now completely recovered after her treatment.

We estimate they were born September or October of 2021.

To apply to adopt these girls, please fill out an adoption application form.