Ginny (sponsor me!)

Update: Nov. 2, 2023
Unfortunately Bear developed both PT and a mammary tumor right by her groin. Due to these two issues, we attempted to first control the PT symptoms to keep her comfortable, knowing that her time would be limited. After two weeks with no improvement on cabergoline and Bear losing her appetite and mobility, we had to make the difficult decision to have her euthanized.

Ginny is now living with her foster mome’s rat, Strawberry. She continues to have chronic respiratory issues which requires medication twice a day. We estimate this costs about $30/month.

Due to her age and health condition, Ginny will become a permanent foster and is no longer available for adoption.

To support the Rescue in our care for Rescue, you can visit our Donate page if you would like to contribute towards Ginny’s medication bills.


Ginny and Bear were unfortunately abandoned with their cage and a note when their previous owner had to move. Luckily, the landlady was a kind and caring person, and despite being terrified of rats, she kept them fed until the Rescue had room to take them in.

These two girls are so sweet and starved for attention. They come right to the door and are not shy at all about being picked up despite having barely any contact while in the care of the landlady. We believe they were born some time in June of 2022, which makes them about 1 year old.

They are currently on medical hold as they arrived with respiratory infections.